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  • Liquibar 2 litre bottles

  • Sample Full Solution

  • Sample Source

  • $130.00 excluding GST
    MR-SPOT® 121 Ref: 121, (QTY: 40 / box) 3.0cm Radiance® filled tube ideal for thoracic spines and larger areas of interest
  • Asepti Clean Non Haz Machine Detergent, 5L

    Instrument Presoak Cleaner. Neutral pH, non-corrosive formula helps facilitate manual cleaning. For use on all metals, plastics, glassware and rubber, including fiberoptic scopes. This product is not for use as a medical device sterilant or high level disinfectant. Carton of 2
  • Asepti Multizyme Enzymatic Instrument Detergent 5litre Ecolab

    $187.00 excluding GST
  • Asepti Rapidzyme PR, 5L

    $240.98 excluding GST
  • Asepti Epizyme Ultra Liquid ,5L

    $221.09 excluding GST
  • AP Cervico Thoracic

    $98.00 excluding GST
  • ATX HF50 Smart Portable X-ray

    max output power 5.0kW max  kiloVolt -  110kV max milliAmpere - 100mA max milli Ampere seconds - 100mAs PDA Interface for easy control and flexible and expansive cm thickness anatomical presets. Remote diagnostic and support capable and provided by ATX. Innovation designed light-weight, High frequency…

    $1,225.00 excluding GST
  • Complete Set of Filters – including holder

    $1,230.00 excluding GST
  • EZ ID Printer *

    $0.00 excluding GST
  • Facial Wipes, Box of 75

    $18.00 excluding GST
    Facial Wipes, alcohol free. Box of 75 wipes.
  • Full Spine Ruler

    $185.00 excluding GST
  • Gonad Shield AP

    $118.00 excluding GST