Raymaster Chiropractic System combines quality, economy and flexibility to provide a wide range of diagnostic procedures at an affordable price.

Flexible mounting of the Raymaster tubestand column allows for floor-to-ceiling or floor-to-wall mount interchangeability, for easier, quicker installation.

The Raymaster system accommodates a full range of views and patient heights with smooth, effortless vertical tube travel from 37cm for spot exposures to 180cm for full spine imaging.

Heavy-gauge welded steel structures provide a sturdy, long-lasting system that will provide many years of reliable use.

We will trade in your old CR and bring your x-ray facilities up to date.
No moving parts requiring regular servicing.
Lower patient dose than typical CR systems.
Excellent image quality.
Substantial financial benefits over the life of the system.
Trade in your CR to a DR panel from under $30k. Call for details.