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  • ECOLAB Routine Cleaning Package

    $120.00 excluding GST
    ATX ECOLAB Disinfection packs have been specifically designed to be used in different areas of your clinic. Routine Cleaning Pack Includes: 1 x 150 Actichlor Plus Tablets 1 x 1L Actichlor Plus Bottle 2 x 500ml Asepti Active Liquid 2 x Aseptic Active Wipes Pk…
  • Disposable Flat White Sheet

    $105.00 excluding GST
    Disposable Flat White Sheet, 2400x700mm and made with 45gsm, (anti-static material) Cartons of 100 sheets.
  • Cotton Dental Roll 40

    $4.00 excluding GST
    Disposable Cotton Dental Rolls. Pack of 40
  • Ear Olive Covers (20)

    $130.00 excluding GST
    OPG Ear Olive Covers. Pack of 50
  • Gloves Exam N/S L/F Large Powdered

    $12.00 excluding GST
  • Gloves exam N/S L/F Med Powdered

    $12.00 excluding GST
  • Gloves Exam Non Sterile Med NP

    $14.50 excluding GST
  • Intra Oral Sensor Covers

    $1.80 excluding GST
    Intra Oral Sensor Covers, sold individually.
  • Nonwoven Circular Cap BL 45cm

    $36.00 excluding GST
  • OPG Bite Block Cover (300)

    $85.00 excluding GST
    Disposable Bite Block Covers. Box of 300
  • OPG Centering Post

    $2.00 excluding GST
  • Towels