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Comparison of DR Systems in the market. 2020

Over the past 9 months, ATX has carefully been researching the Digital Radiography Market to measure, compare and distinguish the pros and cons of 3 Digital Radiography panels within their respective budget.

The three compared DR Panels span across, low, medium & high price ranges. For privacy purposes, Brand Name 1 & Brand Name 2 panels have been left intentionally blank.

Prompted by hearing consumer opinions within the market, ATX would like to clarify that the quality of a DR Panel does not always relate directly to price or the brand the DR Panel is manufactured by… Unfortunately, many consumers have been caught out by the bigger players offering cheap goods with a brand name slapped on it.

Here at ATX we’ve heard of this happening a lot over the past 12 months which actually prompted us to perform this invaluable market research. If you’ve been quoted anything less than $24,000 for a DR Panel + Acquisition computer, then it might be worth your time to get into the nitty gritty and look at the specifications.

Lucky for you, we’ve done this and summarised which specifications you should have on your radar.

FYI – Both unnamed panels are world recognised corporations within the X-ray imaging field…

Research undertaken by ATX Development team. 05/2020

When you are considering the investment associated with DR Digital X-Ray solutions, it is very important that you perform your homework before making a decision.

Questions to ask yourself would be;

  • Does the vendor actually manufacture anything or just picks and chooses a solution from multiple manufacturers..?
  • How long have they been in business…?
  • What is their level of expertise in the Chiropractic imaging space…?
  • Do they support local x-ray dealers and not sell direct?
  • Can they support my investment for years to come? You want peace of mind.
  • What are their service options and can they offer a fast level of service when you need it the most?

Having taken into account all of the relevant technical and software specifications the final check box is the level of service and aftercare support your vendor is willing to provide, not to mention the cost of doing so….

We want you to receive the best bang for your buck, thats why we’ve done our research so that it can be easier for you to be the empowered consumer. You may find the compared ATX Ultra-140H DR Panel here or click the advert below.

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