ATX is Now a Commercial Sponsor of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation.

We’re excited to announce our new partnership via the zoom video below, featuring Dr Billy Chow from the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and Jordan Hines from ATX Chiropractic Solutions. 

As Commercial Supporters, we are very generously offering ASRF Members amazing discounts on a range of products and on X-Ray system servicing. In addition, we are donating money from every sale or service to the ASRF! See the table below to see what we can offer ASRF members.

Product Description: RRP: ASRF Member   Discount:
 Raymaster X-ray System $40,250 $500
 Longtail 17x43inch DR Panel $80,000 $1,000
 ATX Ultra-140H 17x17inch CSI Wireless DR Panel $36,000 $250
 ATX Ultra-140H 17x17inch CSI Wired DR Panel $32,000  $250
 NMI 17×17 cassette Wired Gadox FPD with SCU $29,500 $250
 NMI 17×17 cassette Wireless Gadox FPD with SCU $39,300 $250
 NMI 17×17 cassette Wireless CsI FPD with SCU $42,600 $250
 X-ray System Service  10% of quote

We look forward to assisting your practice further, please call us on 1800 330 118 for any questions.